Booch and Brew are a small family business who brew in a traditional way with nutritious organic ingredients. They don’t pasteurise or add processed sweeteners like Stevia/Erythritol. They createKombucha that is full of flavour, body, and goodness. After starting from a small microbrewery in their garage they won a Great Taste Award in their first year of business. Booch and Brew reached out to Lifeshare in early 2021 to look for a way to support our vital work in the community. They have agreed to donate £1 to Lifeshare for every subscription purchased on their site.  To date, they have raised £190! We are very grateful for their support!

Photo of Booch & Brew's flavour assortment. From Left to Right: Ginger Yuzu, Apple Elderflower, Blueberry ginger, and strawberry pinapple

Booch and Brew logo