Weekend Breakfast

Every weekend our amazing volunteers make sure that those in need wake up to a nice hot breakfast, serving around 100 people each weekend. We serve fresh butties, tea, coffee, fruit, cereal bars and bottles of water.

This service now operates from 7am to 9am, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning from:

Mosaic Wellbeing Hub
2 Dale Street
M1 1JW

Directions to Mosaic Wellbeing Hub

32 Years

Ago we began giving out butties in China Town and Picadilly Gardens and we've continued serving breakfasts since.


For the entire time we've been running our weekend breakfast project, we've never charged a penny to anyone for their breakfast.


Breakfasts get served every single month. Some months we far exceed this number.

Since COVID-19

In the midst of this pandemic, we were out on the streets serving breakfast, though as an organisation we always believe that street feeding should be avoided and breakfasts should be served in a safe space with added facilities to provide more than just breakfast.

Though as Lifeshare always adapts to the needs of the city, we adapted to the conditions imposed on us.

History of the Project

The Breakfast Project started out with one of our volunteers taking bacon sandwiches to the rough sleepers in the days before Sunday trading. Today, it continues to be a popular and important part of Lifeshare’s service to the homeless and disadvantaged people of Manchester.