Partner With Us

We want to create mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses of all sizes that can help us support homeless and vulnerable people in Greater Manchester.

Working in partnership with us can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping to raise vital funds.

Partnering with Lifeshare can:

  • Motivate staff and encourage team building
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Help vulnerable people in the Greater Manchester area find stable housing
  • Reach new audiences and drive sales
  • Secure positive PR
  • Build brand profile

Get in touch with us to learn more.

What are you interested in?(Required)
This could be employee engagement, working towards CSR goals, engaging with the local community etc. We want to make sure the experience is as valuable for you as it is for us!

Can you help us make Christmas happen for the vulnerable and homeless people of Manchester? For one week only all donations are doubled at the link below. We have costed our Christmas Dinners at £11.50 so if you have that to spare, you can cover two dinners for the price of one until December 5th.


Buy a Christmas Dinner