Get involved


Lifeshare works with some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities including people experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction and sexual exploitation. With your support we can help transform lives.

Raise funds

Whether you want to run, trek, cycle, bake or do your own thing to raise funds for us, your support will help us support homeless and vulnerable people in Greater Manchester.

Partner with us

Lifeshare depends on a variety of sources to make our work happen. A key element of this is our corporate partnerships. If your organisation is interested in having a real impact on our Greater Manchester community and helping us to deliver our support please check out our partnership page linked below.


Donations from our public supporters are a vital way to raise unrestricted funds. These funds can be used at our staff’s discretion to do things like, buy a new pair of trousers for a client with a job interview, purchase a bus pass to help reach support appointments, or send a grocery voucher to ensure a young person has food in their stomach. As little as £5 each month can fund two nights of emergency accommodation each year, this can be a crucial step to keep a young person safe and well as we arrange for support services and long-term support. If you are able, we would be extremely grateful for your generous support.