Donate your phone today!

Why donate your phone?

Your smartphone can help empower a vulnerable person and provide them access to all of the benefits of the digital world.


With a smart phone a vulnerable person could:

  • Easily discover local support group
  • Find local food & clothing provisions
  • Access Universal Credit (which is online only)
  • Use online banking
  • Shop online where prices are more competitive
  • Sign themselves up for social housing and bid on properties
  • Engage with the news and learn more about the world
  • Message friends and loved ones
  • Listen to as much music and TV as they please
  • Educate themselves by taking courses
  • Better get about with mapping


If you donate your phone we’ll wipe its data, clean and disinfect it and then distribute it to a vulnerable person in Manchester.

How to donate your device

1. Reset your phone

Before sending your phone could you please factory reset it and make sure that it isn’t linked to any accounts. If we could, we’d do it all for you here to save you time and make your life easier, though even the secret services have struggled to break into locked phones before!


If you’re not sure on how to factory reset your phone, we’ve included a few links to some information that’ll help you wipe your phone.


How to wipe your Apple device


How to wipe an Android device

2. Package your phone

When packaging your phone if you’ve got any cable or plugs to go with the device could you please pop them in as well, if you can’t find them or need to keep them that’s absolutely fine.


Also when packaging your device, could you please include an email address on a piece of paper or a sticky label for the devices that you send. The reason why we ask is so that we can send you a thank you when we receive your device and let you know where it ends up.

3. Send it to Lifeshare

When everything is packaged up, could you please write down this address and stick it in the post, and we’ll be in touch when we receive it.


FAO Lifeshare

Keep Manchester Connected

Big Yellow Self Storage

1 New Elm Road


M3 4JH

4. Receive your thank you

Sit back, relax and know that your old phone will be empowering a vulnerable person and keeping Manchester connected.


We’ll be sending you emails and keeping you up to date the whole way along.

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