Lifeshare is delighted to announce that Salford based tax credit specialists Shencoh have selected Lifeshare to be their charity of the year. The initiative will see staff from Shencoh volunteer their time to raise funds to support homeless and vulnerable people across Greater Manchester.

When employees at the Shencoh started to see an increase in visible homelessness in their local area, they decided to champion our cause.

“A large portion of staff are from Manchester or have been living here for a long period,” said Operations Director Gary Lavelle.

“The common consensus and feedback was that the amount of homelessness has increased over the years, and we felt that this is an area which needs help to improve. “

As part of their commitment to people experiencing and at risk of homelessness, Shencoh are planning a variety of initiatives, including weekend volunteering opportunities.

Explaining further, Lavelle said, “We plan to continue our support with a foodbank box located in each of the offices, as well as sending out reminders for clothes, particularly in the lead up to winter.”

The business has a history of supporting charities across the country and Shencoh say that it is their employees who decided to give their backing to Lifeshare. This was done via a democratic process where Lifeshare came out clear favourites.

Lavelle explained “We have supported several different charities over the years; these are usually based on recommendations from the staff or directors at Shencoh. We decided to look at Manchester based charities recently and held a company-wide vote, Lifeshare came out on top by a significant margin.”

“We’re thrilled to have the support of the team at Shencoh to support our vital work supporting people in need in Greater Manchester. We rely on the generous support of companies like Shencoh and we’re looking forward to working with the staff there over the coming years.

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