As the client administrator, my role is to support our frontline workers and make sure all of the information we receive about a client is on file. This is then put into case notes and filed appropriately. The case notes can then be used to make supporting documents such as anonymous case studies, timelines and chronologies. This is all to make sure we offer our clients the best support possible. I am also one of the people who you will usually speak to on the phone; this includes helping people with queries about Lifeshare, arranging donations, food parcel collections and being the first point of call to someone new to our service who may be in crisis. I also have to be aware of the other resources around Manchester as we are sometimes called by people who need different methods of support and who live across Greater Manchester. I can signpost these people to support services that may be closer to their location or better able to support their specific needs depending on the severity and timescales involved.

A big part of my role is making chronologies of a client’s time with Lifeshare. These detail what help they have been given as well as what services they have worked with since first making contact with us. These can make a big difference in many situations. For example, when making appeals, being accepted for accommodation or for safeguarding purposes. I know a number of the chronologies I have completed have resulted in a positive outcome for the client as they show the big picture of their situations and needs.

I do a lot of work behind the scenes but my role is important to make sure all information is in order and kept up to date so that the frontline service can run as smoothly as possible.

Favourite Memory at Lifeshare: 

Attending the Lifeshare Partner Thank You Evening last September was a lot of fun as I got to meet lots of volunteers and supporters of Lifeshare. Everyone was so lovely and it was also the day when I got to actually meet most of my coworkers in person for the first time! Before this, I had only seen them via Zoom or through a phone call due to working from home!