Kiosk computer

This is the slow kiosk laptop! If you can, use any of the 5 kiosk desktops on the breakfast bar, they are much faster. 

If you didn’t see this pc boot up or watch the previous person log out then you should press the green running man in the top right corner of the screen, and click “Log out”. After a few seconds, you’ll be back here with a fresh session – any changes (good or bad) that the previous user made should be gone and you’ll have a new session that is safe to use.

Saving your documents

If you create any documents that you want to keep you need to save them immediately to a USB stick, email them to yourself, or upload them to an online storage service such as Google Drive (, Dropbox (, Microsoft OneDrive ( Once this computer is logged out any personal. files stored on it will be automatically removed and cannot be recovered. This computer will also shut itself down with no warning at 7pm every evening removing all personal files.

Word 2010

Some kiosk machines may have Word 2010 installed. This is very experimental – please keep backup copies of any documents that you open with it in case it damages your document.

When you have finished

As you leave this pc you should press the green running man in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Log out” – this should clean the account ready for the next person to use it without being able to see any of your data, web history, saved logins, etc.

Liability and Use

By using this computer you agree that you do so at your own risk and that Lifeshare is not responsible for your actions or inactions, and also not liable for any failure of this computer or failure of or damage to any devices that are connected to it. Use of this computer is at the discretion of the Lifeshare staff and volunteers who are supervising it.