The Tinned Fish Market, based in Salford, are a regular fixture in local farmers’ markets in the North West. The Tinned Fish Market began after Patrick met with some of the folk at Portugal’s famed artisanal canneries near Porto. He was on the lookout for family producers that shared his vision of quality, sustainability, and style. Based in Manchester, their range of tins is ever-growing and includes all of the best that they discover. The Tinned Fish Market sources from small family producers to ensure quality seafood that protects the oceans.

This spring they have produced a line of prints with the proceeds going to Lifeshare. These prints pictured their beautifully designed, hand-canned tins.  The initiative raised £285 which will go to support Lifeshare’s frontline outreach. You can take a look at the prints below and also click through to their shop to see more of their delicious offerings.

Print mockup of green cans on white boardsPrint mockup of red cans on white boards Print mock up of blue cans on yellow background