On March 3rd, 2022, after two years of Zoom calls, early mornings, and donation organising, Lifeshare finally got to welcome its volunteers back in appreciation of all of their hard work. Since 1984 Lifeshare has had incredible volunteers who work tirelessly to support our mission of adapting to serve the needs of Manchester’s vulnerable populations. These volunteers were more critical than ever when the world as we knew it changed in March 2020. Despite the necessary safety precautions that isolated many of us the vulnerable people of Manchester need our support, some even more so with reduced access to support services due to work from home orders. Our volunteers worked with our dedicated staff to continue to provide our services to the residents of Greater Manchester.

The wonderful team at the Gino D’Campo My Pizza and Prosecco Bar started off the evening by pouring welcome glasses of prosecco and offering Moretti to guests as they arrived. Guests we treated to pizzas, bruschettas, and arancini as they mixed and mingled. Guests had the opportunity to fill out suggestion forms for the year ahead, check out impact statements detailing their work throughout the year, and sign up for upcoming events. We also had opportunities for volunteers to nominate other volunteers for service awards. Nominations included the most fashionable volunteer and the burnt toast award.


After all of the guests had their fill and settled in we were joined by our special surprise guest, Manchester’s High Sheriff, Diane Hawkins. Diane was on hand to present awards to Matt Legg, the New Victoria Construction team, our Christmas Coordinator Barry, and our Operational Director Judy Vickers for their hard work and dedication to make our 2021 Christmas Project a success. All of our volunteers left with awards certificates to thank them for their diligence and loyal service at our Christmas Project and year-round! It was an evening to be remembered and it set a fabulous tone for the rest of 2022 with so many good people coming together to do good!

Please enjoy more photos of our fabulous volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering you can fill out this form and keep an eye out as we are hosting an informational session on April 2nd and will be sharing a link with details next week!