South Catering has launched a healthy snack box delivery scheme for employees working from home, or being phased back to work!

Wellbox offers employers a fantastic way to reward their workforce whilst working from home while helping the vulnerable in the local community.

Purchasing any of the boxes in the range also means that one meal is donated to a vulnerable person in the local community via Lifeshare. This supports our vital work feeding and supporting Manchester’s vulnerable populations.

Example of wellbox


“Companies across the UK are facing unprecedented challenges without any sort of ‘How-to manual’, we knew we had to move quickly to help employers support their workforce working from home,” said South Catering Director Justin Gilchrist. “Our research has shown us that large employers, especially within the service sector are struggling to maintain a sense of normality during this period of disruption and uncertainty.  Our WellBox range of curated snacks and responsibly-sourced coffee is designed to do just that, enabling employers to stay connected to their teams while providing fuel and healthy sustenance snacks ordinarily available in the workplace.  This will offer a sense of business-as-usual in showing them that they are valued, connected, and appreciated.” – Justin Gilchrist Wellbox Founder and South Catering Director

Wellbox members can choose from three Work-from-Home sustenance offerings:

WellBox  – Refuel

15 Items including a selection of bars, popcorn, snacks, dried fruit, and trail mix

WellBox  – Sustain

22 items including a selection of bars, popcorn, snacks, crackers, dried fruit, beef jerky, nuts, and trail mix

WellBox – Recharge

12 items including a selection of bars, popcorn, snacks, and trail mix and a 200g pack or responsibly sourced coffee

All boxes can be customised to accommodate gluten-free, Halal, dairy-free, or vegan dietary requirements and can also contain a personalised letter to the recipient. All companies have to do is set a budget, then employees can quickly and easily sign-up directly to receive their snack boxes. Boxes are sent to employees’ home addresses in a contactless transaction, pre-paid by the employer. In addition, employers can give back to the community and ‘forward-pay’ boxes to be donated as part of their budget.

For more information on supporting Lifeshare via WellBox, please visit: