In early 2021 Lifeshare started a collaboration with ten Greater Manchester artists to create a new range of t-shirts as part of their ‘Spring Up North’ campaign. Following the massive success of our autumn fashion campaign and an outpouring of support from other Manchester artists, a newly designed range was on sale throughout March and April 2021 with a theme of Spring Up North. After three weeks of pre-order sales, the shop ran up a grand total of £2,162.70 in orders! 

Judith Vickers, Lifeshare’s operations director, said: “Spring is a time when we all feel upbeat and see the dark days of winter are behind us. This year everyone has suffered; we all need to see the spring flowers in the sunshine and our family and friends. But, we’d like everyone to spare a thought for those who are homeless, on the edge of being homeless or living in poverty – for some reason we think homelessness isn’t as bad when the sun is shining. Whether before the pandemic or because of the pandemic, it’s a terrible and complicated situation for anyone. Lifeshare is here to support those who need us; we are so grateful for each person who has purchased one of these t-shirts, totes, or prints – it makes a difference.” 



Our famous supporters include; Lifeshare ambassador and actress Maxine Peake; writer and director of Peaky Blinders Anthony Byrne; GRUB streetfood mastermind Jules Bailey; award winning podcaster and barrister Sally Penni; and business supremo NW Insider editor, Simon Keegan. Other influencers supporting Lifeshare are, Manchester fashion blogger and founder of High Violet PR and Plugging, Sean Crossey, alongside Esther Maylor, landlady and owner of the famous pub ‘The Eagle Inn’. 

The Manchester artists who have given their time and creations include, returning favourites Mikesian Studio, Caroline Dowsett, Habitats, and Han Valentine. New artists to the Lifeshare scene are Dave Draws, Leimai Lemaow, Dotto, Katie O’Rourke Design, Abbie Franks of Proper Good Prints, and Heshty Illustration

The t-shirts have been locally printed by Mike Palowski at Flood Clothing and all artists have given their time and copyright to the benefit of Lifeshare. The shop showcased the t-shirts as well as tote bags and posters with all profits going directly to the charity. Lifeshare’s entire team is grateful for the community support behind the Spring Up North campaign.