This first week of June each year marks Volunteers Week in the UK. Lifeshare has an incredible team of volunteers who cook and serve hot breakfasts, raise funds, organise donations, and so much more. We are so grateful for our amazing volunteers and all that they do. This year, we asked our volunteers to share their experiences and what makes volunteering rewarding for them. They’ve also shared photos from their years of service. If you’d like to sign up, click here to become a Lifeshare volunteer.

Lifeshare volunteers at the Breakfast Project during COVID

Why do you volunteer with Lifeshare?

Being involved with such a wonderful local Charity, and seeing the amazing work they do first-hand, I have always wanted to get involved in something like this. Such an incredibly selfless bunch of people, who make you feel very welcome, and appreciate any help you can give. Big or small. You can see how much of an impact Lifeshare has and they make it a simple process to start getting involved, whilst learning new skills along the way. – Claire

I’ve been lucky in my life – want to give something back to those who haven’t been so lucky! – Nigel

breakfast project over the door at dale street

To get the creative side out of the users and help them showcase their hidden skills. – Rick

To help in the community, give back, and meet lots of great people clients & other volunteers. – Helen

It’s a chance for me to give back, meet like minded people and be part of a fantastic cause. – Andy

To give back to the community. – Stephen

volunteers serving breakfast

Lifeshare staff are genuinely caring, committed and compassionate and have a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs. They support and value their clients in impactful ways and ensure that their volunteers are well informed and supported in delivering the best service possible. All the volunteers are so friendly and cooperative. I absolutely love volunteering for Lifeshare. – Jenny

I volunteer in all of my chosen roles with Lifeshare and other organisations as I have a passion for helping the vulnerable in our society in any way I can. – Kim

It started as a way to make a positive difference. Now it’s a part of my life and the volunteers are a part of my extended family. – Anon

Lifeshare Volunteers in 2015

I like to make a difference and help people. I have many memories over the (17 years I have volunteered) and have had the pleasure to work with some amazing people both clients and colleagues I am very proud to volunteer for Lifeshare. – Lyndsey

To stay real. To remind myself how close we all are to being homeless. To offer back. – Anon

To give something back and to spend time with good people. – Anon

What is your favourite memory with Lifeshare?

Meeting all the wonderful people and hearing their stories, getting stuck in and just being made to feel at ease straight away. Especially as I was quite nervous at first, everyone is super lovely. – Claire

Meeting a person who was living in a multistory car park after a relationship breakup. Hearing tales of the things they had to do to keep their belongings safe and having a wild table-tennis game with which they won!! – Nigel

Poem used as part of the art wall at Christmas 2021

Seeing the creative side on display at the Christmas project. At the Christmas project some artwork was created and in one of the pieces is the poem that was created by me during a poetry session for invisible Manchester it brought a tear to my eye. – Rick

Cooking for loads of people over Christmas and had no idea what we were doing and about 2 hours to do it in. It was like a MasterChef pantry challenge! – Anon

Lifeshaer Volunteers at the Nexus cafe in 2022

Working with & meeting fab people at Dantzic St, Limelight , Marble Arch & currently Nexus. Serving breakfasts, buttering barm cakes and counting plates!! – Helen

Smiling clients, grateful for the little things. – Geri

Finally getting a brass band for Christmas 🙂 – Anon

Lifeshare volunteers serving food from the Piccadilly station approach during COVID

So many! Decorating as part of The Co-Op Big Clean, serving from Dantzic Street, the kitchen staff at Limelight, transporting food to Piccadilly Gardens during lockdown. – Stephen

Without a doubt meeting a father & son a few Xmases ago. They were homeless through no fault of their own and were looking forward to moving into a flat in. I sincerely hope they made it and are thriving. (Also they were Utd!!) – Anon

Just sitting down with the guests and listening to what they have to say. – Andy

Lifeshare soup van out serving meals

My favourite memories are always the interactions and interesting stories that our clients share with us, it is a privilege. Meeting other volunteers and especially my partner in crime Lyndsey on the breakfast project has been a joy, and a significant memory was when we served breakfasts from a mobile burger van which she managed to acquire when we were not able to use the Dantzic street facility and needed a solution with only 12 hours til breakfast service time. We had to get our lads and lasses fed so we set up the van in the dark and managed a real feast for our people and a few laughs along the way too! – Kim

Helping out on the clothing section and attempting to draw on the back wall. – Michelle

Almost completing a 500 piece puzzle with 2 of our clients over 3 days and discovering that there were 3 missing pieces. I expected some frustration but they were both very comical. They were both so entertaining while constructing the puzzle. – Jenny

Lifeshare volunteer doing the GReat Manchester run to raise funds

A big thank you goes out to each and every Lifeshare volunteer throughout the years for their dedication, hard work, and cheerful attitudes. Our volunteers make what we do possible.